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Shandong Tranlin Straw New Environmental Technology Joint Stock Company Limited. is a professional manufacturer of pulp-molding and environment-friendly tableware, medical packaging products and industrial packages. Founded in March 2008, our company is a subsidiary of Quanlin Group and manufactures disposable environmentally friendly tableware and packaging products with wheat straw pulp relying on high technology. Our products can replace foam plastic, promoting the white pollution control, improving human’s health and reducing disease transmission. We can produce unbleached pulp and white pulp two series and 34 varieties of products, including bowls, plates, small dishes, cups, etc. Now, our company covers an area of over 300 mu, has a staff of over 500, and can produce 300 million pieces of tableware annually. During the “Twelfth Five-year Plan”, our productivity reached 20 billion standard meal boxes, our sales reached RMB 5.982906 billion, tax RMB 902.7964 million and net profit 398.0882 million. “Make Green and Environmentally Friendly Tableware with Natural Plant Fiber, Create Healthy and Civilized Life” is always our objective. The pulp-molding tableware project is in line with the national industrial policy, was one of the key industries the government encourages for industrial structure adjustment and also a sunrise industry that adapts to the requirements of environmental protection and human survival.

All the physical properties and hygiene indicators of our products are in line with the GB18006.1-1999 Standard and all of our products have passed the test standards of FDA, SGS, the Health and Welfare Ministry of Japan (JMHW), as well as the certification of HACCP.




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